Factors to Consider with Custom 3D Cremation Urns


​ALMOST ANYTHING IS POSSIBLEFamily Barn - 3D Cremation Urns

We can create almost anything that a family would like.  Some parts of an urn are not recommended due to the fragile nature of them.  An example of this would be railing on a boat.  Any very small pieces that are on a model have a higher chance of breaking during shipping.  We will let you know if there are any issues with the urns requested.

Couple on Bench - 3D Cremation Urns


There is a minimum dollar order per model.  That can be done through any
combination of the same model that a family would like.  For example,
you can order a full size or a mid size and a keepsake or 4 keepsakes.  
The reason for this is that the cost for an artist to sculpt the urn is a
significant portion of this.

Sailboat - 3D Cremation Urns

Full Size (200 Cubic Inch)

One mid-size (50-75 Cubic Inch)

keepsakes (5-10 Cubic Inches)


It is very important that the expectation for delivery of the product is set in advance.  The typical turnaround time for a custom urn is around "2 weeks".  There are many variables that have an impact on the delivery time of the urn.  The amount of orders in the queue, amount of changes before the family approves and the shipping available to the specific location.  

We have noticed  that managing the expectation with the client is always going to make for a much better experience.



Katie HorstRupert the Dog - Pet 3D Cremation Urn

“Eturnal Memorials Team! Thank you SO much for what you did for Rupert! I absolutely love it !!! I obviously cried (ugly cried if you ask my husband)! It means so much to me and I'm so thankful. It's looks incredible and so life like. Thank you thank you thank you !” - Katie Horst

Tyler Berry

Tackle Box - 3D Cremation Urn
“Eturnal Memorials made me this beautiful urn for my old man, if he was still here today he'd love it as much as I do!  He loved fishing and this is a great tribute to him. Thank you so much!” - Tyler Berry


Kelly Liddycoat
“We understand that 3D Urns are not for every family for various reasons, but we have seen
in a short time period a number of sales and even more families inquiring about it. I think
it is critical that we continue to offer innovative solutions to our families.  These are the type
of solutions the new generation are looking for.”
 - Kelly Liddycoat, Bocchinfuso Funeral Home

Adam Martin

“Just like many other firms out there today, our firm is impacted by a decrease in the average cost per funeral.  A lot of this has to do with our increasing cremations.  I'm a firm believer that in order to evolve and meet the changing demands of new families, we need to embrace innovation and technology.  By introducing high value products with this level of personalization, our firm is able to offer a families a solution that they absolutely love and one that allows our business to continue to grow.  We believe that 3D printed urns will be the standard in the future.” - Adam Martin, Martin Funeral Home