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Seo & Social Media

FuneralTech is excited to partner with our clients to deliver search engine optimization (SEO) and social media management packages to help families find and engage with your firm.

Our digital marketing team has experience helping local businesses grow their local presence, which results in more leads to your firm.

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Locally-Focused Search Engine Optimization Is Critical

We’re focused on building your local search presence so that you can attract more families in your community. Instead of turning to phone books or directories, modern families rely on search engines to find funeral homes in their area. We’ll ensure that your website is optimized toward this goal and will provide you with updates each month.

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How We Do It

Our digital marketing team will audit your website to identify areas of opportunity. You’ll be provided with a copy of the audit, an explanation of the results, and will fully understand the steps that we’ll take to improve your website.

We’ll monitor your site’s search performance and provide recommendations to you each month, including updated audit results so you can see your progress.

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Social Media For Funeral Homes

Having an active presence on social media conveys the message to families that you’re available to them. Facebook and Twitter are tools that provide information to families that they otherwise may not have. After all, we live and breathe death-care, but families who haven’t had to deal with tragedy aren’t informed about the process at all. 

By providing high-value information, you’re equipping families with the information they need to trust your firm to handle their needs. Social media is an extension of the service you already provide face-to-face—it’s just accessible on-demand, 24 hours a day.

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In addition to posting your firm’s obituaries on your behalf, we’ll also post an additional three to five posts per week of customized content. We’ll suggest topics to cover and create the posts on your behalf. Additionally, we’ll monitor your channels for inquiries, address customer service questions, and point families in the right direction.

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