Online testimonials are an extremely powerful influence on your potential clients.

This social proof can win or lose you a call before a family even engages with you directly. High quality testimonials are an effective way to showcase your services and the experience you provide for the families that pass through your doors. We’ve put together some suggestions to help you collect and use testimonials to support your funeral home online:

How to Use Testimonials for Funeral Home Marketing

These five simple steps can help you ask your families for testimonials without feeling like you’re pressuring them.

    1. Make the Process Simple
      • Most of your clients aren’t going to leave a review of your services if you make them fill out numerous online forms. Simply ask for the client’s name and their email address and then allow them to write their feedback. Deploying a filter on your site should help protect you against potential spam issues that may arise in this process.
    2. Ask for Reviews via Newsletters
      • While it’s important to be respectful of families and other clients in their period of mourning, you can place a link to the review area of your site within your emailed newsletters to customers. Using a call to action such as “Leave a review of our services here” is often enough to encourage action on behalf of the recipient once the connection has been made.
    3. Consider All Feedback a Review
      • You don’t need thousands of clients leaving reviews directly to build up a steady number of online reviews. You can also incorporate feedback you’ve heard from customers in the workplace. Just ask the person if they mind being quoted for the website and then use their praise for your service in your testimonials online.
    4. Showcase Reviews on your Website
      • It’s important that you use the reviews you receive effectively within your site. This means placing reviews related to the specific content on the page. For example, if the review relates to a funeral planning service you provide, the review should be placed directly on the page explaining the services. This will ensure qualified visitors are reading the testimonials and your company gains the full benefit of deploying testimonials on your site.
    5. Place General Reviews on Your Home Page
      • Your homepage is your most valuable promotional space online. Place reviews directly on the home page, but try to use them subtly to avoid distracting new visitors to the site. You can limit the amount of content on the homepage by simply showing the introduction to the testimonial and then linking to the full version in a separate area of the site.

Online testimonials can have a significant influence on website visitors. If you’d like more information, or would like to chat with our team about implementing some of the suggestions above, get in touch!